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Carrollton Councilwoman Frances Cruz Pays Respect to the Korean War Ve…

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Ceremony to mark the 68th anniversary of the Korean War

Carrollton city councilwoman Frances Cruz attended a ceremony to mark the 68th anniversary of the Korean War.


The memorial ceremony was co-hosted by the Korean Society of Dallas and the Dallas Chapter of the Korean National Unification Advisory Council on Monday, June 25th at the Korean Culture Center of Dallas.


The Korean-Americans of North Texas commemorates the anniversary of the War every year. Over 66,000 South Koreans have been separated from their families during the Korean War, which started on June 256, 1950.


“My grandfather was a Puerto Rican solder in the Korean War. He is no longer with us, but I felt this would be a great way to honor him as well as all the men and women who fought in the war” said councilwoman Cruz about her attending the ceremony.


Also in attendance was Carrollton city councilman Young Sung, whose father is also a Korean War veteran.


Suk-Chan Yu, the president of the Korean Society of Dallas, awarded nine Korean-American veterans with plaque of appreciation. These veterans are the members of the Korean War Veterans Association of North Texas.


“As time continues to tick, we are running out of time to honor these great men and women who fought in the Korean War. I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation by presenting them with the plaques before it’s too late” said Suk-Chan Yu.


“Suk-Chan Yu has done a lot of great things for the Korean-American community of Dallas. For him to express his gratitude toward the Veterans means a lot to us” said Byung-Ha Oh.


Sang-Soo Lee, who heads the Consular Office of the Republic of Korea in Dallas, read the commemorative speech on behalf of the South Korean Prime Minister Nak-Yeon Lee.


With the recent summit between President Donald Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jung Un, there is a heightened sense of hope for peace (and possibly even reunification) in the Korean peninsular among the Korean-Americans in North Texas.


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